Your smartphone has a lot of personal information including your online banking details and mobile wallets. There’s a new trend that is being observed globally that thieves are stealing mobile phones to access banking details and other personal data instead of just reselling your device to make quick money. So, instead of just worrying about the smartphone you lost, you should pay attention to secure your money from online frauds as well. Here are 8 things you must do immediately to keep money safe when your smartphone gets stolen.

Call your telecom operator and get your SIM card blocked immediately.

Block the SIM card immediately, so that thieves can’t get access to OTPs of financial services or other personal messages. Of course, you can continue to use the same mobile number with a new SIM card. But the entire process of getting a new SIM card for your old mobile number may take some time. This time period is crucial and thieves may take advantage of this. So, ensure you do the following to stay safe.

​Block access to internet and mobile banking services.

The moment you happen to lose your mobile phone, call your bank and block access to online banking services. If thieves are able to access your banking accounts then they can easily transfer money as they will continue to get OTPs on your mobile. This is important because it may take a while for your telecom operator to block your SIM.

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